Monday, February 25, 2013

OK I admit it, I need help

OK its confession time. "Hi my name is Jenn and I am messy."

Oh Natalie Dee you slay me, always an appropriately inappropriate comic for everything.
No really though... it was time that I did something about it and stopped making excuses. My house will never be spotless and it's not my kid's fault (not totally anyway). I have got to stop the excuses and start the cleaning, on the regular. Enter: The Pfaus Haus Cleaning Schedule

Yellow is shared, blue is Hubs, and Red is me. I look forward to the day that Ozzie can have a color too, but let's be honest... he's not the most reliable "helper". Also, yes you see that right! I do have a laundry helper already, and no he's not a fatty either. Thank God for him or I would never have clean clothing I swear. In exchange for that never ending duty I take bathrooms and floors. The other endless chore. This will be out first week of trying this and I really wanna stick to it and see if we can't get on the road to "a house I am not ashamed to bring people in to unannounced".

OK please tell me I am not the only one who cannot seem to keep a clean house. Do you have a cleaning schedule... did it work for you? 


  1. I'll be honest - we have a cleaning lady. :-)

  2. I printed a similar list a week ago. Hasn't worked yet :/ but in our defense, Mal had one helluva week.

  3. We have been lucky enough to make a lifestyle change and try to keep our house clean all the time, so if someone drops by, we don't have to do much. Not saying this will last forever, but at least we're trying, eh? Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at BT

  4. Oh dear... since marriage our "cleaning routine" has been to invite someone over once a week so that we'd be motivated to clean. I do have a cleaning schedule that my husband and I try our best to check off items throughout the week. I'm just happy if there isn't a smell and things are not piling up too much.

  5. I'm happy to see dishes are highlighted everyday. My brother/roommate and I have a Darwinistic rule about it. Whoever sees the dishwasher full...must empty it.

  6. Natalie Dee is one of my favorites. She really does have an inapropps comic for everything!


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