Monday, February 4, 2013

The cure for baby rabies

I mentioned before that I had some baby fever. Well let me just tell you... have your home taken over by 2 extra littles and you will quickly remember how good you had it. Really though,  they were amazing and well behaved and adorable to watch interact... nonetheless I salute those of you with 3+ kids... well even 2 let's be honest.

All in all a good weekend. Some rest, new hairs for me, and some much needed housecleaning. I LOVE my new (back to natural) color. I actually feel energized, if that makes any sense. I was feeling blah, washed out, and not quite right. Amazing that a hair color can do all the to my psyche??

Hope you are all having a great Monday. What did you do this weekend??


  1. How did you get it back to so blond? It looks great!
    Another good cure for Baby Rabies? Kids that don't sleep. When my ute tugs my heart strings Oliver is up screaming all night. Great cure for wanting a newborn is an infant that sleeps like a newborn !

  2. baby rabies. that's awesome. make those ovaries go back into hiding real quick

  3. Amazed to see how you were able handle that type of situation. I'm just imagining how things will be when our little Sofia wants to bring some of her friends over our house :)

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  4. Haha, baby rabies is a great term :)

  5. Freakin' love the title. Baby rabies... going to use that all the time. I've got them pretty bad right now. I'm hoping the toddler dance party play date we are having tomorrow will cure that urge QUICK. ;-)


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