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Ok back to regular ol' news. I am not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I gave up Starbucks for Lent. It has been (embarassingly) hard and I am so glad Easter is this weekend. I miss my lovah.

This weekend I had a rain out for a family session on Saturday and poor Macey was sick so I ended up with a Saturday with no plans. Amazing. Never happens. I loved every second of it. OK I did have some plans, but they were not until the evening. Even though it was pouring out I decided to try out my hot rollers again and loved the look I ended up with. Apparently clean hair makes all the difference, and a shit ton of hairspray.

 I headed out to my monthly Bunco group and had a rousing good time. I had the best game ever. There is absolutely no skill involved, yet I somehow always seems to lose... good thing it's an amazing group of gals and I go to have fun and drink rather than win! But... I did win!  We headed out to the Dublin Pub after wards for some celebrating and after 2 nights of staying out late and drinking in I was not feel all that "winning" on Sunday morning. I'm not cut out for that kind of fun anymore back to back.

Sunday I cashed in on a massage gift certificate given to me by my soon to be SIL for shooting their engagement photos. It was as amazing as you can imagine. Hubs actually found out that we have massage therapy on our insurance for only a $25 copay. Oh man, monthly massages ARE HAPPENING.

After an afternoon of naps and moving our new futon into the house and failing to get it put together correctly I was pretty much done. We threw in the towel for the day and will hopefully get it finished this week, especially since Ashley will be sleeping on it Friday... Hi Ashley!

To end on a positive note... potty training is going fantastic! I'll save that for it's own post.
This is how he sits on it, he doesn't like the potty seat. Whatever works captain.

Hope you had a great weekend! If you are sharing yours you should come link up at Jenni's!


  1. I love how he sits on the potty, super adorable!

  2. Your hair is adorbs. I need those rollers. Also, not to be a party pooper...Easter is in TWO weekends. Tragic. :(

  3. Haha.. I love how he sits on the potty! So funny. Glad it is going well.


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