Monday, March 11, 2013

Portland Bloggers Event - Strike a Pose

Oh hey, it's Monday again. Blah. Especially blah with a head cold. Are you new here? Be sure to follow along (lots of options on the right)

Onto to more fun things though. Last week I mentioned that I would be heading out to the Portland Bloggers event "Strike a Pose" on Sunday... and it was so much fun. I am glad that I couldn't back out without really letting a big group of folks down, cause let me tell you. I wanted to. This cold is not foolin around. I managed to get out of the house and to the event with Shannon and all her Glass Cast gear in tow..

photo taken with my iphone 4S
Not knowing a ton of folks is a bit intimidating, especially when there are such gorgeous and talented women in the room. Not fair to have to mingle with these ladies while feeling gross, but whatev. I wasn't there to look pretty (although I really wanted to)... I was there to photograph and make some bloggers look amazing. I think I was pretty successful.

I was paired with the gorgeous Jade Rose as my stylist and assistant. We quickly realized we both hail from Beaverton and I even went to school with her older sister. Nice way to break the ice. Jade was FANTASTIC. Having been in front of the camera so much she really understands posing, was the best reflector assistant I have ever had, and really helped give some good common sense tips to the gals. Thank you so much Jade!

Photo taken with my iphone 4S and hipstamatic

The event was held at Jillian Rabe's The Space, which worked out perfectly. The Pearl has such great fun backdrops and so all the photographers were able to get outside and create very different portraits. I am so looking forward to seeing what they created.

OK, onto my models! One of my goals going in was to really make each session individual  Although I was shooting within about a block for all of these, I wanted to make sure each felt like they belonged to the blogger. Does that make sense?

First up was Carisa. I just loved her organic beauty and self deprecating humor. She is obviously comfortable with who she is and it really shows. Oh and those freckles, a photographers dream. Well mine at least.She was the only blogger with kids and I hope that someday I will get the opportunity to photograph her family, because they are adorable... go check her blog out!

I'll have to share a before/after of this one another day. Pretty big difference.

I love this one SO much.

Next up was Susannah. First off, she wins the "ability to hold a smile award". This girls was a pro! I would smile that much too if mine was as dynamic as hers. Talk about contagious! She was just adorable and it was really fun to capture another side of her, since she was done up much more than an everyday look. We even got her to show us some fierce faces towards the end (although she swears she doesn't look good without smiling in photos).

That wall was amazing.

I mean does anything beat a real genuine laugh?

Um, Susannah I have to disagree. I think you have the "not smile" down.

Kayla was up next and man... I could have photographed her ALL day. Such effortless beauty. Her eyes sparkled, and no I never touch up eyes. That's all her (and a little reflector). She also rocked that tank in 40 degree weather like a boss. If I had those toned arms I'd wanna show them off too though, am I right?

I repeat, no eye touch ups done.

This a contender for my favorite of the day.

Last on my list for the day was Laura. What a fun way to end my day. We spent pretty much the whole session laughing, which always creates beautiful natural smiles. Her blog is so funny and I was happy to be able to give her some great images for it. Oh and, I want her hair... like woah.

See, I told you... laughing all the way.

That hair belongs on Pinterest. 

So much fun. I loved stepping out of my normal photography routine. Adults are SO much easier than chasing around kiddos. Interested in a session? Mention this post for 25% off a session! Head over to my photography page for contact details or  pop me an email! (Good only for individual "head shot sessions).

Have a great week!


  1. OMG, what totally gorgeous photos you got!!!! All great models, of course, but you really captured some amazing shots! Will be hard for them to pick faves, I'm sure!!

  2. Really, really beautiful! Thanks so much for all your work.

  3. 2nd to last one of Laura is AMAZING. I want new headshots!!

  4. Yay! Thanks so much for taking the pictures! :-) It was super fun to meet you and be shot by you. ;-)

  5. Your photos turned out so amazing, love them all!

  6. Jenn you are spectacular!! These shots are all gooooorgeous!

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