Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gym Buddy

I think it's safe to say I officially have a gym buddy. One that won't flake 2/3 times a week, and one that I can commit to. Macey and I both have similar goals and similar starting fitness levels. She's even had plantar fasciitis before so she gets when I have to modify things. Our plan is to meet Tues/Thurs/Sunday and we've done pretty decent at sticking to the schedule. Life happens and we have missed some dates here and there, but overall I feel like finding a buddy had sparked my gym habit again.

Now that I finally have the gym thing going again it's time to fess up about the food thing. Seriously, I am so great until the afternoon. Then it's cheat central. I am not binging or anything but as we all know it adds up. My office is always full of temptation, in the form of candy. I never had a sweet tooth until getting pregnant with Oskar, and now it's BAD. I am going to try and have February as a "no cheat" month and see if I can get in the tracking food habit again. No cheats for me means that I can eat what I want, but have to stay at or below my daily calorie target for the day, which is about 1500 calories. I am going to try and really cut down on sugar and see if that helps.


  1. Best of luck with the month of February! So important that you've identified your vice and know how to make a small change! Also hooray for non-flake buddies!!! :) You two are amazing!


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