Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cabin fever is real, yo

Well those of us that had been snickering at the east coast this year and thanking God for mild PNW winters... we got a bit of Karma. When I say a *bit* I mean 6-8 inches. That may as well have been acid falling from the sky with the reaction Portlanders have to it.


Seriously though it was a mess, and my house in the hills made it even worse. Homebound since Thursday at noon, by 3pm on Sunday I was going fucking nutso. We all were. I could only eat so many carbs, and man did I push my limits. I am terrified to step on the scale. It's back to the gym tonight and not a moment too soon!

We did manage to get out to go and see The Lego Movie, and "Everything is awesome" is now bored into my head FOREVER. It really was great though and it was Ozzie's first movie in the theater! He did fantastic, and was awestruck enough to sit the entire time.

We survived "snowlandia" and I am fully ready for Spring now. I even announced my Spring mini's over on my business FB page!

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  1. I know it must have sucked...but it's so pretty! Your house looks like it should be on a Christmas card!


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